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$   "Those who are willing to trade civil liberties for temporary security, deserve neither." ‑Benjamin Franklin


For an excellent FAQ on bankruptcy and its effect on a debtor, please click on the link to my colleague, Lawrence Rubin. Remember that laws that affect bankruptcy vary from state‑to‑state. See "Newsletter" section for up-to-the-minute bankruptcy information.


If you don't think you need a lawyer and want to try to navigate the legal system on your own, try Law Help California. It contains online libraries, training materials, model pleadings, calendar and news pages, postings of new cases, court materials, links to social services and links to court websites that assist unrepresented litigants in completing forms and pleadings.  California Indian Legal Services and the Public Interest Clearinghouse coordinate and maintain the website.


If you're in New Jersey (or have family back East) who have had the unfortunate experience of a DWI arrest, check out DWI Defense in New Jersey, an experienced law firm devoted to assisting DWI defendants with their legal needs.


For a San Diego law firm specializing in DUI defense, defense of drug charges, domestic violence charges, sex crime charges and other felonies, click here.


For General Bankruptcy Information, click here


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